6 Best Real Estate CRM Software in 2018




Managing a real estate business can be overwhelming. How about automating  some tasks and concentrating on core business functions that cannot be automated?  Here is some of the best real estate CRM software in the market that can help you achieve this goal with efficiency and precision.

  1. IXACT Contact

IXACT contact combines functional features to provide a superior real estate CRM application. Take advantage of CRM, emailing and website to generate hot leads and increase sales. It has a rich contact profile enabling you to stay in touch with reach out to new and existing customers. Its calendar keeps track of all activities offering you automated reminders. It sends out automated newsletters via email every month. The email campaigns and your website are accessible on mobile devices.



  1. Zillow.com

Zillow.com may be a website, but it’s one of the greatest real estate CRM real estate CRM resources you can take advantage of as an agent. More than 70 million Americans seeking to buy or sell homes turn to Zillow each month. Think of it as the Google of real estate. Zillow offers both free and premium services  and allows you to upload your listing on the website. As a premium user, your sale or rental listing only has your contact, giving you a higher chance of attracting customers. Free users on the hand are listed with other agents, making it more competitive.

  1. Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive is one of the best real estate contact management tools. Pipedrive features include email integration; leads generation from websites, workforce automation and restricts access depending on user privileges.  The software is modular and works with both desktop and mobile platforms. It is easy to use and shows you progress  by displaying each deal’s sales stage. Pipedrive real estate CRM is multi-currency, and works with a wide variety of currencies. It also ranks deals and allows you pursue hot deals with a higher chance of success. Activity scheduler makes it convenient to plan meetings. It is available for all sizes of businesses, and each can customize to suit their needs.


  1. Realvolve

If real estate contact management is critical to your business, then Realvolve is your best bet. It is designed to increase efficiency and productivity in real estate .The real estate CRM software enhances communication and collaboration between the agency’s staff and customers. It allows you to send bulk messages and keep track of all incoming and outgoing texts and emails. You can send messages directly to the contacts stored on the platform. You can also maintain information on listings such as closing dates and even pictures of the properties. The system calendar offers you an overview of all pending tasks events.



  1. Follow Up boss

Follow Up Boss is all about leads. Its powerful features allow you to collect, respond to and close deals. It brings all your leads together in one place making it convenient for you to decide which one to pursue. It has over 200 lead providers and will assign leads to your agency based on price and location. You will receive SMS and emails notifications for new leads as soon as they are received. It also generates useful reminders to help you keep track of customers. As a manager, it gives you a preview of what each agent is doing, and you can use it to gauge their performance.



  1. Wiseagent

This real estate CRM  software is simple to use but loaded with powerful features. It brings all leads together and retrieves all information that is available about your contacts. The calendar and checklist help you to plan meetings and meet deadlines.




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