6 Tips to Help You Choose a Reliable Data Destruction Company

Every organization desires to destroy outdated data even if do-it-yourself methods to hard drive destruction or paper shredding increase identity theft risks and lower productivity. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource professional document destruction. Here are things to consider when choosing a professional information destruction provider.

1. Experience and ability

Your customers value expertise, so it is natural that you would expect the same from your shredding and destruction provider. A provider with several years of experience has an added advantage over a newly formed provider. That is because the former has a track of record serving clients in an array of sectors. Consequently, you expect an experienced provider to have an understanding of legal requirements concerning information destruction.

2. Customization

Your organization has unique document disposal needs based on internal audit requirements, your budget, and industry compliance standards. Therefore, you want a provider who can easily fit in your requirements and offer customized paper shredding services. A qualified provider will thoroughly access your data disposal requirements and consider issues affecting your company and offer a customized information destruction solution.

3. Customer service

It is frustrating to call your provider and be put on hold severally. It makes you feel like you are being taken for a ride. When you outsource shredding services, you aim to save on time and not rob you of time. Therefore, you need to find a provider who values you by offering timely and personalized services. For further information, visit Shred-it for additional information and insights.

4. Security

Undoubtedly, the primary objective of hiring a paper shredding service provider is to keep the company’s sensitive information out of wrong recipients. The professional data destruction provider will strengthen the privacy protection strategy of the company. However, the provider should adhere to the verifiable destruction procedures to achieve that goal. Data destruction companies should have a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certification to ensure that they follow the legal rules and regulations. NAID certification makes sure that data is destructed using the highest level of security. The certification body audits the operational security, insurance standards, employee hiring and screening, and disposal process of data destruction companies.

5. Legal and ethical recycling

You choose how documents and electronic waste get processed by hiring a data destruction company. As a result, you want a company that recycles data legally and ethically. It also ensures that the world remains healthy and sustainable.

6. Community involvement

A data destruction provider benefits the business and the community too. It helps in the reduction of identity theft and other fraud risks. A reliable company has extra measures of making the community a better place such as volunteering to local charities and offering free shred days.

Clearly, there is a lot to consider before settling on destruction and shredding documents. Fortunately, the criteria provided will make the selection process easy and ensure that your data remains secure. Combine service, security and value by choosing the right paper shredding services.

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