A Guide to Using OneNote 2010: Features and Overview


OneNote is a great tool for organizing your business and personal ideas and projects. It can also be used by students to organize for term papers or other projects. It’s terrific for business owners who want to save news to be read later or save memos for new product ideas. OneNote can be found as a part of Microsoft Office 2010.
Basic Features of OneNote
Create Notebooks
OneNote organizes projects and ideas into notebooks. You create as many notebooks as you need for your work. For example, if you are starting a design job with a contractor, you might want to create a notebook for sharing lists with the designer. Inside the notebook, you can create pages or sections for keeping the information organized. You can add, remove or shift pages within the notebook too.
Type Notes
You can type your own notes or use a stylus to write on the surface of your preferred device. While this is helpful for taking notes, it’s the tags and prioritizing that makes OneNote effective. The tags allow you to track your to-do list as well as organize them in a way that makes sense for your business or personal life. You can organize by due date, topic, project or location.
Include Images and Documents Online
If you’re browsing online and find a great article you want to share with your designer for that project you’re working on together, you can clip and save the website to your OneNote notebook. You can upload images and documents from your computer too.
Sync Across Devices
You can work offline if you’re unable to get a connection. This work can be uploaded later when you sync your work with the cloud. This makes it great for sharing with others too. They can work offline and share their documents within your saved project. Collaborations are simpler with OneNote.
Email Clipping
If you have communications you’d like to save within a OneNote project, you can easily add the email. It’s saved via a virtual printer. When you hit the print button, you’ll be able to choose the option for saving to OneNote.
Docking the Program
One of the best parts of OneNote is that you can dock the program to your desktop and use it like a sticky note to jot down thoughts and ideas as they occur to you during your workday. If you see something interesting, you can immediately clip it to the project too.
OneNote is a good organizational tool for business owners, entrepreneurs and generally busy people who need a better way to organize their lives. It allows saving and sharing within a project with others, which makes it a great project management tool too.

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