Choosing The Best Printer For Office or Business


We’ve all had the need to print documents either in the office we work in or in our little home offices. The small internet café you’ve set up also brings along with it, the need to print documents. Well, if you’ve been in one of this situation, you must have made a decision to purchase a printer. So, which printer should someone settle for when in a similar situation? A colour laser printer, monochrome laser printer or an inkjet printer?

Laser printers or Inkjet Printers
The most reliable office printers are either the colour laser printers or monochrome laser printers. If your office usually needs to print plain text documents, you can choose a monochrome laser printer. For an office with a need to print image documents that are in full-color, you should consider purchasing a colour laser printer.

Most agencies prefer laser printers to inkjet printers because they bring along with them fast printing speeds and efficiency in utilization of printer consumables such as toners compared to their ink counterparts.

A laser printer whether monochrome or full-color works by drawing an image or text on a selenium-coated section of the printer with the help of electrical charges, the drum is then rolled on a toner. The toner is then heat pressed on a piece of paper to form the image or text. Inkjet printers work by spraying ink droplets on a sheet of paper to form a picture or text.

The core reasons as to why some people don’t prefer using a laser printer in the office are the high initial purchase cost and toner leaks. The printer is also not preferred for printing images.

Which printers are ideal for small businesses?
The best printers for small business such as an internet café or a printing bureau are inkjet printers. The core objective of any business is to maximize profits, and an inkjet printer is the best bet on your goal to minimize costs. Internet cafes also have the need to print photos, and image-intensive documents and inkjet printers produce better quality images and can print on a wider range of paper types.

The main disadvantage with inkjet printers is their relatively slow printing speeds, high initial purchase cost and their frequent need to be cleaned which wastes a lot of ink.
Nowadays, office or small business printers come with the additional functionality of wireless printing. A wireless laser printer or a wireless inkjet printer enables one print documents and images over a network. Most wireless laser printer also provides faxing functionalities. With fax, one can scan a document and transmit the information over the internet or telephone link. The information at West X Business Solutions is useful and can provide you with additional insights.

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