Custom Lanyards for Your Business

Custom lanyards are a great idea for marketing events like trade shows, seminars, symposiums and other events. When my company held their last seminar in Toronto we made sure to order extra lanyards. We had enough to cover ever person attending the event. We also made sure to buy plenty extra so, as guests would inevitably fill in with their partners, out lanyards would be worn by every person attending. The custom lanyards provide a convenient way for everyone to hold their name tags, information and anything else they want to keep track of while they attend our seminars. They have some other potentially useful branding efforts that we are always sure to capitalize. This post goes over some of the reasons, besides conscience, to buy custom lanyards for events.
Branding Incentives
When it comes to marketing, putting your company name on a billboard is becoming a way of the past. Instead of picking the more obvious ways of promoting your company, a wise business model will include marketing tactics that cover a more diverse scope. This tactic is done in order to have more people see your brand and, if you are creative, it can be accomplished in a more subtle way. Using lanyards that have your company name on them is extremely useful as a way to have more people recognize your company’s name and image. You can even include messages on the lanyards to increase visibility. Just giving your employees a lanyard with this information will surely raise some questions when other people outside your company see them. It will assure everyone who gets one that the company is alive and well. It’s a widely used branding technique that adds a level of confidence to every company it touches.
Promoting Your Company
This is one sure way to get your company recognized at trade shows. When there are so many rival companies, often with similar roles and purposes, everybody at the trade show will remember those guys who handed out the friendly promotional products that helped them hold their information. They’ll remember the company name and the peoples’ faces. They will associate this experience with the experience of your company which leads to better networking efforts. The vote is in at our company. We will be ordering an extra batch of lanyards before the next event we attend. In fact, we already have a box of them in the stock room just waiting to be passed out by our promo models.

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