Four Ways Field Management Software Reduces Costs


Field management software is ubiquitous across successful service-based businesses. From HVAC to general contracting to utility services and landscaping, leading industry professionals find field management software reduces business costs and increases efficiency. Here are a few key areas where management software makes a difference.

1. Tracking Key Performance Indicators

Resource allocation and strategic decision-making require accurate and up-to-date information. Field management software provides that information in the form of analytics and KPI measurements derived from field data. For instance, field data can reveal where and when the majority of calls take place and which tech most frequently responds to those calls. This information is essential when allocating resources and compiling employee reviews.

Field techs can compile data on the equipment they use for each call and the type of failures they encounter. This information can help employers determine where to source parts and which pieces of equipment are obsolete. This information helps a business cut costs and run a lean operation.

2. Sharing Real-Time Information 

The metrics discussed above can be captured in real time. Software management allows users to segment data. In other words, if you want to get a look at the most recent equipment failures then the data you call up will be accurate to the minute. This is especially important during emergencies and other times of crisis when supervisors need to locate employees in the field or send out essential information. Having a solid emergency plan in place can reduce insurance costs and bolster employee and client confidence.

3. Scheduling and Dispatching

Management software is highly flexible and cross-platform functional. Personnel in the field might use a management app via a company or personal smartphone while supervisors access the same software on a desktop and clients receive information on a tablet. Since all information is stored in the cloud, and all parties have access to data in real-time, a client can monitor when an agent is due to arrive. If the client cancels at the last minute, the fleet supervisor can make adjustments to the field agent’s route. This cuts labor costs as well as fuel.

4. Invoicing and Mobile Payments 

Equipped with mobile software, agents can take payments, update billing information and review previous charges with the client. This cuts down on the need for customer service agents who often handle these simple queries. It also provides field agents with the tools they need to better serve a customer.

There are many other ways field management software improves efficiency and cuts costs. Choose a customized or industry-specific software solution for tools and solutions that provide precise cost-cutting benefits and efficient data models for your business’ sector.

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